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At Deeping Osteopaths we want you to feel safe at all times, do ask questions at any time during your consultation if you are not comfortable.

Deeping Osteopaths consider each patient individually. On your first appointment you will be asked about your presenting problem, lifestyle, work, family  and medical history. 

In order to allow a full diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your needs, patients are normally asked to undress down to underwear, or shorts. If you do not feel comfortable in doing so clinic gowns are available.

You may be asked to perform a series of simple exercises. The Osteopath will then use their hands to identify abnormalities in structure and movement, in order to form a working diagnosis.

Your first appointment will normally last around 1 hour. Any subsequent visits last around ½ an hour.

Note: Please click on the Symptom Checker menu option to view our new interactive application!